Hey there, League fans!

Our playlists react to the flow of your game. We have moods to fit each play style and curated lists from our record label partners, all perfect for your games!

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How it Works

Apollo Muse will enhance your in-game music experience through our selection of playlists and moods!

Once you have signed into Spotify and selected a mood or playlist, the application will play music which reflects the intensity of your game! Through the in-game player, you can ‘like’ songs and ‘follow’ the playlist, meaning you can listen to it whenever you want!

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Simply download and install the app!

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Log in

Launch the app and login with Spotify.

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Select a device and a playlist

Select a device with Spotify open, and a playlist of your choosing.

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Now you're ready to jump in a game and enjoy! Apollo Muse does all the hard work from now on.

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Only what we're allowed to say. Shhhh.

We partner with Overwolf, who provides us with the in-game events to play the audio at the right moments.
We curate the mood playlists internally. Currently, submissions to be featured on these playlists are closed.
Currently, no. However, we are planning on opening this up when the Apollo Forge is released!
We need you to connect your Spotify account in order to play the music, meaning you are contributing to streams and generating revenue for the artists included on the playlists.
We would have the ability to like songs, follow artists and playlists from your account, but we will not be doing that, only if you choose to do so.
No. We have full permission through both API’s to be doing this.
We are a startup company based in Berlin aiming to integrate music and audio into the gaming space!
Feel free to swing by our Discord server and make your suggestions there. Our mods and staff are all open ears!

Not conviced? Download it anyway!

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