Apollo is a standalone desktop app that 'reads' what is happening in-game and plays specific music for the various key moments.

Apollo adapts over time so you can get the best unique experience with the music you like the most, without having to do anything - Apollo does everything automatically.
Just keep playing.

Games supported


For Windows


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5.0 rating
2 June 2020

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5.0 rating
29 May 2020

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4.0 rating
27 March 2020

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25 February 2020

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11 February 2020


Where do your tracks come from?

We work with artists and producers to create dedicated music for the gaming world.

Who are you guys?

We are a start-up company based in Berlin aiming to create music for gaming and deliver if to you. the player.

Can I listen to the full tracks somewhere?

Yes, you can listen to the full tracks on Spotify and Apple.

Am I allowed to stream/record with your music?

Yes, you are allowed to have the music playing from Apollo during Twitch livestreams however the music cannot be reused as standalone audio outside of its intended purposes. Please contact us if you are unsure if your particular case is covered by our free usage option.

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